Call to continue Jetbrains Space

Jetbrains announced on May 27 to discontinue the all-in-one project management tool Space as it currently is and pivot into SpaceCode, a git hosting solution.

You are a user of Space? Please keep in contact.

I try to coordinate and make the conversation transparent in the next few days. Your data will only be used for the purpose mentioned here.

As a small company we appreciate the one-stop-shop of git hosting, issue tracker, CI/CD pipeline, document store, messenger, and more to replace a whole range of different vendors tools.

From first reaction of users, we believe there is demand for Space to continue, especially since many smaller companies/teams have tailored it to their individual requirements. The cost of switching to other solutions is high. With this call we want to aggregate current and interested users to find a solution, such as

  1. Get Jetbrains to continue Space (@Jetbrains: please reach out to to discuss)
  2. Continue Space as a community project, lead by existing users
  3. Find partners/investors to offer a buyout

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